Boost Your Blog by Re-posting Content on Medium

see Here I am again to help you with a very genuine self-learned experience. As usual I am trying to help the new bloggers who struggle to find out ways to increase traffic on their site. In this post, I am going to tell you How to Boost Your Blog by Re-posting Content on Medium. I will also clear all your doubts that you would have had while thinking of doing this.

I am assuming that the questions that came to mind initially would have knocked your thought process as well and they will be answered. However, if something remains unanswered, feel free to post your question in comments. So let’s continue our journey to become a successful blogger.

What Is Medium

Medium is a blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger. Even though it is a blogging platform it is a bit different from others.  You don’t get a domain for yourself but you can post your article on Medium. This makes it sound more like guest blogging. Which to a certain extent is true. The way Medium works is that it lets you create an account and then post your articles. A lot of depth can be added to the details of how Medium works but I am not getting into that now.

binäre optionen trendfolgestrategie So, how does it help posting on Medium. This was a big question I too had, as I was afraid to loose the credit to my blog. The other question I had was,  what kind of effect will posting on medium have on my SEO. As I researched further both these questions were answered in a way to leave me delighted.

How to Boost Your Blog by Re-posting Content on Medium

come iq option paypal - Dicono che le opzioni binarie sono una truffa ma allora perchè in tantissimi ci fanno almeno 1000 Here is the meaty part of the story now. Over the years has established itself as a popular place on the internet where people come to read and write articles.  Thousands of professional writers and readers visit the site every day. With its strong base of a community , readers and publications it has become one of the most loved places on the internet. Just imagine what amount of benefit a referral from a site with a domain authority as high as  80 can do for you. Thus cross-posting (re posting content published on your blog)  your content on Medium apart from your blog will provide you a lot of SEO benefits and will also open up opportunities to collaborate and work with a community.

What about SEO and Duplicate content Having seen the benefits let’s move on to getting the questions answered.  You must be thinking that whether Re-posting Content on Medium has positive or negative effects. You need not worry about losing credit to your article and the kind of effect it has on SEO. All what you need to ensure is that the main source of the content has the main authority. Which obviously should be your blog. This can be easily done by using canonical tags in your blog.

source When search engines crawl through websites they make use of canonical tagging to determine the main source of content and give due credit to it. Thus, if you have canonical tagging in place the search Engine will credit the authority to your blog even if there is duplicate content on Medium or any other platform. You do not need to be a developer to achieve this feat. You can make use of simple tools and keep a couple of things in mind before re-posting to Medium.

Tools to Re-post on Medium First of all you need to keep in mind that you should re-post your blog content to medium 3-5 days after your blog post has been posted. This time duration is to allow to Google to crawl your site so that google knows that the content belongs to you. Then you can make use of different tools to re-post on Medium.

Medium Import Tool

Medium has created a web based to tool to help you import your blog to Medium. You can make use of this tool to import your blog to Medium and the tool will take care of the canonical tagging giving due credit to your blog.

Medium WordPress Plugin

The Medium WordPress plugin is another way of fulfilling your objective. Once you have installed the plugin you can manage the settings and easily post on medium with just a few clicks. The plugin as well takes care of the canonical tagging.

Blog2Social WordPress Plugin

If your blog is on WordPress then you can use Blog2Social plugin as well. The plugin makes it very easy for you to re post your Medium. Blog2Social also helps you to share your posts easily on Social Media thus saving you a lot of time.

This is one of the methods to get some traffic for your blog, however please remember the efforts to generate traffic will not be visible if it is limited to one source only. You have to focus on other things as well like Submitting RSS feed to blog directories, blog commenting ,  writing a great blog post and many more.

I hope you have a happy time Re-posting content on Medium.

Good Luck!!

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