How to Prevent DDoS Attack

watch By now you must already be knowing that what is a DDoS attack and what are the different types of DDoS attacks. If not, then I recommend reading my previous post “What is DDoS Attack and Its Types “. In this post, we are going to understand, how to prevent DDoS attack. DDoS protection should be one of the items with the highest priority in the list of any organization that renders its services via a website. DDoS mitigation can be one of the most difficult objectives to achieve. Let us go step by step to understand whether DDoS prevention is possible and if yes, what are the things that need to be taken care of.

Can A DDoS Attack Be Avoided?

enter site I don’t like to be a devil’s advocate but in this case, I must be the devil’s advocate. The unpleasant statement is that; it is very difficult to safeguard against a DDoS attack. I say this because it cannot be achieved alone with your organization’s efforts. You may need the co-operation of your internet service provider. In fact, I must make the statement sound even harsh. There is no way to completely protect yourself against a DDoS attack. Having said that, there are certain precautions you can take to prevent yourself from such attacks.

How to Prevent DDoS Attack

piattaforma iq option Here are a few tips to prevent DDoS attacks. You can implement these procedures or ideas to make sure that you can stay away as far as possible from the possibilities of a DDoS attack. Lets begin with teh list.


get link To immunize yourself against a DDoS attack the site architecture is very important. A proper architecture helps you prevent a DDoS attack and at the same time, it also acts as a measure of business continuity. Take care of the following points and you will reduce the risk of such an attack.

  • Distribute your servers across data centers and are on different networks.
  • Implement appropriate load balancing.

Identify Early Signals

follow url If the servers are owned by you then you must have the capability to identify early signals. The sooner you identify the attack the more efficient will be your reinforcement strategy.  To be able to do this you must be well versed with the usual traffic that you receive. Any unusual spike should ring the alarm bells for you. It will be helpful if you are able to implement text message and email alerts at different intervals that indicate hourly traffic.


100 free asian dating sites uk You must always have more bandwidth than necessary to handle regular traffic. Additional provisioning of bandwidth ensures that your servers are able to handle any unforeseen spike in traffic. Additional bandwidth will certainly involve some capex and opex. It depends on the policy of your company whether you are willing to spend extra to secure this area.

Upstream Blackholing

click here Router blackholing can be used to filter out UDP traffic.  There are several ways to do this. Blackholing may, however, not be the most appropriate method as you may lose a lot of genuine traffic as well. This method is useful for organizations that do not need any UDP traffic at all.

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Prevention is better than cure. It is always a good idea to keep yourself ready to fight an attack rather than waiting to respond after a DDoS attack. A large number of service providers have the capability to upscale the bandwidth when needed. They also have ways to identify and filter traffic that is malicious and is not desired. Thus, having your servers outsourced can provide you a lot of benefits and they will do everything to retain you as a customer.

Additionally, there are service providers who specialize in DDoS mitigation. Thus, it’s better to let them handle the situation at a cost rather than trying to prove yourself to be a superman. There are quite a few DDoS mitigation specialists. Here are a few of the most popular ones. Akamai, Arbor, DOSarrest, Incapsula.

Modern-day services include an implementation that checks whether the traffic is coming via a browser. Cloudfare is one such provider that I am aware of.

Hope this post has provided you some information of the different types of controls that you can implement. I have added links with detailed explanations wherever feasible. In case you have a suggestion or a query feel free to drop a comment.

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