Clash of Clans Missing Builder. We found him in London.

Clash of Clans Missing Builder in London , has anyone found him yet? We have been chasing our beloved builder from the Clash of Clans.Our search has been on ever since he has been upset and left the village.  The builder who was responsible for constructing buildings and upgrading heroes, had left the village some time ago. Since then he has been travelling to different parts of the world and enjoying himself. Wherever the builder goes he constructs something. Perhaps hoping that no one would destroy them in the cities.

We have seen the clash of clans missing builder building things like an 18-foot Tesla Tower, along with a statue of P.E.K.K.A. in Brooklyn Bridge Park in his last adventure. In his most recent efforts he has constructed something in London’s South Bank. Two working Air Sweepers and a statue of Barbarian. Materials in all the creations paid homage to their locations. P.E.K.K.A., for example, was made of traffic cones and a taxi hood. On the other hand the Barbarian stomps on an iconic U.K. red phone booth.

As per reports, this is a campaign that has been created to celebrate the 5th anniversary of clash of clans.  Supercelll wanted to depict the celebration inside the game as well as outside the game. The wanted to drive maximum online as well as offline engagement.

Where will the builder go next?

While all of this looks pretty exciting , there is still no clue about when the builder is going to return to the game. Supercell have however indicated that the builder still has a lot to travel and discover, indicating that the return of builder may not happen very soon.

Lest keep our fingers crossed and wait for something new. Perhaps no one knows it better than the builder himseld as to when is he going to return back.

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