Things to avoid doing on a Smartphone A modern-day smartphone is loaded with numerous features.  The bulk of the market is captured by Android smartphones. A smartphone does various activities on his phone throughout the day. Today, we are going to tell you about a few things you should never do with your Android phone. Using Antivirus software on smartphone

A lot of people make this mistake, whenever we get a new phone, we tend to install an antivirus software on it. Let me be very clear the there is no need of an antivirus software on the smartphone. If, you install an antivirus on your phone, it will only increase the load on your phone’s processor and the battery.

order lexapro online source site Installing apps from Unknown Sources

ventolin asthma inhaler buy online Many new Android users download the app from an unknown source and enable the option in the settings that allows installation of apps from unknown sources. Well, you may get certain apps for free however it can be dangerous for your phone because it can pose a threat to the privacy of your phone. The malicious code could do irrecoverable damages to your phone and your data may also be stolen.

dramamine prices go site Killing App from Recent Apps Menu

We all make this mistake when we use the recent apps menu to close all the recent apps. Android phones have this feature in RAM management, which automatically spaces the phone to start and run new apps. There is a specific reason why android does not close the apps completely if you put them in the background. This feature is enabled in Android phones to optimize and use your phones resources. If you kill all the apps, each time you launch an app it increases the load on the processor and increases the load on the battery as well since the apps are loading from scratch. Using Battery Saver

Many people install battery saver apps so that they can use their phones for extended hours without charging. Battery saver apps do a shit load of nothing but kill your recent apps and disable the background processes. They also disable your data connection/ Wi-Fi Bluetooth if they are on. All this activity increases load on the processor and the battery saver app also brings malware to you phone and takes up additional space. These things can be disabled manually as well in just a few clicks.

source link Do not install Fake apps

Fake apps are the apps that are not available on the play store for your device but you can find those or similar apps for your phone on other online app stores. It could be a game that is not available for your device or an app that claims to fast charge you phone when you phone does not have any fast charging hardware. There could be many more apps like that so just keep an eye and avoid installing them. Rooting your device

A lot of people root their devices to update the firmware that is not available for their phone and to delete the apps that cannot be uninstalled on a non-rooted device. Please do no root your device unless and until you are technically sound and have some knowledge of rooting a device. This can be dangerous and you could land up bricking your smartphone. Ignore the App’s Permissions

This new version of Android has the feature that it will ask for permissions before setting any app. Like someone sent you through a voice note WhatsApp, it will ask for permissions download or play the file. But there are many apps which will ask for permissions they do not need. These are either poorly coded apps or are done intentionally to trap you into stealing your data. So, before applying permissions to any app you please read the alert carefully and react accordingly.

watch Not restarting your phone

Very rarely you will find people who restart their phones. We this is not a good idea. It’s important to restart your phone frequently. A lot of junk data is stored, which can be cleared by the restarting your smartphone from time to time and can give your phone a longer life.

Well, if you want your phone to last for long them please pay attention to the points mentioned above. With the arrival of Android Oreo, we may see many more new things happening in the world of android phones.

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