1 Unlock password protected memory card without loosing data. Follow easy steps to unlock any SD card on Android phones.

How to unlock a password protected memory card

http://www.selectservices.co.uk/?propeler=opzioni-binarie-60-secondi-grafici&119=9c Many people accidentally set up a password on the SD Card / Memory Card or  forget about the password they had set for their  SD / Memory Card.  At times some older phones automatically set a  memory lock. As a result people find themselves entangled when they cant recall it. However if you forget your password , you do not need t worry any longer. Here are some of the tools and software using which you can unlock password protected memory card.

The Locked SD Card works only on the phone using which it has been locked.  This is probably due to some co relation between the system password and the password set on the memory card. This may also be a security feature to ensure that in case you loose your memory card , no one gets access to your data.

Tips and Tricks to unlock password protected memory card

enter There are many tricks on the Internet that can help unblock SD / Memory Password or Memory Card. A number of those tricks however cause the data from your memory card to be deleted. I am now going to tell you about a safe way to unlock password protected memory card without loosing your data.

enter site In order to be able to execute this method you will need an Android phone. This is the easiest and most popular way to unlock the Memory Card and you can simply unlock password protected memory card by following the below mentioned steps.

go Download & Install ‘ES File Explorer‘ app from the Google Play Store.

binaire opties no deposit Insert Password protected Memory Card in your phone and reboot the phone.

follow Open the ES File Explorer App and go to System Folder.

http://tiffin.my/bilwoer/4673 From the System Folder, go to the mmcstore file.

http://www.energylease.fr/viliv/633 Rename mmcstore file with mmcstore.txt and open it.

here Here you will get the Password of the Memory Card, note it down.

Now go to the Memory Card option and where is written remove memory card password, click on it and enter the password you just noted.

buy eurax hc cream The password will be removed from your memory.

etodolac capsules 300mg It is this easy and simple to do it without loosing any data.

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